Become a Part of the Story

Four Mile Historic Park connects visitors to the region’s frontier heritage by sharing the stories and experiences of those who shaped Denver over 160 years ago through educational programs, partnership programs, and signature events. Our signature events include the Independence Day celebration, Pumpkin Harvest Festival, Spirits and Spirits, and December Delights.

By sponsoring an event at Four Mile Historic Park, your company:

  • Aligns itself with the legacy of Denver history
  • Sustains affordable and accessible opportunities for Colorado residents to participate in signature events
  • Gains unique branding and marketing opportunities through our social media, newsletter, and direct campaigns

For more information, please contact events@fourmilepark.org

Signature Event Sponsorship Opportunities

Corporate memberships

Corporate memberships align your company with this historic Denver Landmark and provide exclusive benefits that suit your needs. We can work with your company to create custom packages with benefits that match your company culture, including previews, exclusive tours, private event opportunities and more. Your sponsorship helps meet company giving objectives while providing direct support to educational programs and historic preservation.

We welcome companies whose core values match Four Mile’s mission and dedication to preserving this piece of history and expanding on traditional Western storytelling to create a more inclusive and diverse space for all.

For more information, please contact events@fourmilepark.org