The Four Mile House Museum is home to a vast collection of mid to late 1800s western artifacts, held for public exhibition, education, curation, and research to serve as a rich resource in Western History. We implement modern ways to interact with artifacts and reimagine the space as an immersive and engaging cultural attraction.

Your support makes everything we do at Four Mile Historic Park possible!

Preservation, education and Western storytelling remain central to our mission. Through youth and adult education, exhibits, programs, and signature events, Four Mile enriches the community.

Four Mile Historic Park is a portal to Denver’s Western heritage, with historically accurate replicas, a 12-acre working farm featuring horses, goats, chickens, and pigs, and it’s the site of Denver’s oldest standing structure: the Four Mile Historic House Museum.

Your Donation Makes a Difference

Where do your donations go? See how and where we use individual contributions.

A gift of $400 will give a class of 100 Denver school students a free visit to Four Mile Historic Park.

With 2 horses, 3 goats, 2 pigs, and 4 chickens, the cost to feed and care for our animals exceeds $25,000.00 annually.

Your gift will help continue Four Mile Historic Park tradition of bringing the American West to life for our 20,000+ visitors each year.

Areas of Need

General Donations

Your support for Four Mile Historic Park powers youth and community education programs, preservation of the Four Mile House Museum and collections, and interpretive research. Help 4MHP host educational programs for learners of all ages, continue the preservation of the Four Mile House Museum, and conduct interpretive research. Your gift will help continue 4MHP tradition of bringing the American West to life for visitors of all ages each year.

Support Free Programming for Area Schools

Four Mile strives to be an affordable and engaging experience for visitors, offering a monthly free day, participating in the My Denver Card and 5 x 5 programs, and by offering free admission for SNAP-recipient households. Children 6 and under are always free for general admission and educational programming is offered at free or reduced cost to Title 1 schools, helping to alleviate barriers to resources and opportunities.

Animal Care

Animal Care includes the feeding, housing, and veterinary care of Four Mile Historic Park’s livestock. With 2 horses, 3 goats, 2 pigs, and 4 chickens; the cost to feed and care for our animals exceeds $25,000 annually. This fund ensures that the operations of 4MHP continues to provide the best of care to our livestock, which bring the American West to life for our visitors. As a donor to Four Mile’s Livestock Fund, your gift will go towards the professional care, feeding, and enclosure maintenance that 4MHP provides seamlessly 365 days a year.



The mission of the Four Mile Historic Park Endowment Fund is to finance the organization’s long-term initiatives through aid from individual donors, foundations, and corporations. Contributing to bolster and augment the endowment is critical to sustaining Four Mile’s reputation as a cultural gem in the city through its engaging, year-round, outdoor programming. We invite you to donate in a way that honors individuals, families, and organizations and sustains the mission of the museum for generations to come.

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