4MHP Welcomes Schools and Educators

Four Mile Historic Park is a great resource for educators and students when learning about Colorado’s rich history. Whether it is through a field trip experience at the Park or a traveling trunk in your classroom, our special programming dives into the subjects of cultural history, natural history and more! All programs are designed to meet select Colorado Academic Standards.

Schedule your program in a snap!

Here’s how:
1. Begin by narrowing down the dates that work best for your classroom schedule
2. Select a Program Option (Wagon Wheels only available in the last weeks of April and all of May)
3. For our Four Mile Sampler program, choose activities to take you on your journey through the American West
4. Submit a Field Trip Request form or call 720-865-0814

Please note: For on-site programs, we require a 1:10 ratio of adults to students; these adults, as well as any providing one-on-one support to a student with disabilities, are free. Additional adults will be charged.

Education Department



Financial Support

Thanks to the generous support of the SCFD, Four Mile Historic Park is able to offer free and reduced programming to students in the seven SCFD counties. To learn more about financial assistance, please contact our education department.

Field Trips

Look below for more information on our field trip offerings, including pricing and activity choices and descriptions.

Four Mile Sampler

Choose your own adventure! With this field trip, you can pick 3-5 (6 for groups of 100 or more) activities for a custom prairie experience. One-room schoolhouse lessons, daily farm chores, cooking over an open fire, panning for gold, making butter…and more!

Cherry Creek Traveler

Children will experience the adventures and hardships of covered wagon life in the 1860s. Classrooms will travel as a “family group” of travelers to five (5) activity stations. As the families encounter each activity they will need to work together to complete the activity and continue their journey to the West.

Wagon Wheels

(Formerly known as Westward Ho) Six engaging activity stations will help your students appreciate the experience of the 700-mile 12-week journey across the midwestern and high desert plains. This program is offered only during the last two weeks of April and the entire month of May and fills up fast—reserve your spot now!

Four Mile Farm Life

This program brings a working farm to life for your students as you lead them through activities children would have done in the 1800s!

Homeschool on the Homestead

This program is offered quarterly by the Four Mile education staff. Click the link below for more details!

In-Classroom and Remote Offerings

Bring 4MHP into your classroom or into your student’s homes! All four of our Traveling Trunks are available in two formats:

In-Classroom Visit, where a 4MHP educator comes to your school.

A Virtual Visit, where a 4MHP leads your students through the lesson via Zoom, Google Classroom or any platform your school uses. This can be done in a classroom or during remote learning.

Programs last 45-60 minutes, depending on grade level. In-Classroom Visits are available within the 6-county Denver Metro area. Virtual Visits are available to any group, anywhere.

Reduced price options are available for Title-1 schools. Please contact education@fourmilepark.org for more information.


One-Room Schoolhouse

With this living history experience, your students will take a trip back in time to the days of chalk, slates, and much stricter discipline in the one-room prairie schoolhouse. Work through practical problems, arithmetic, tongue twisters, and more!

Daily Life on an 1859 Homestead

What was it like to live on a farm in 1859, the year Four Mile House was built? With our Homestead Trunk, your students will be able to compare the ways of our time to a much different era of washboards, candle-makers, buffalo chips, and much more!

Indigenous Cultures of Colorado

Students will learn about the Cheyenne, Arapaho, and Ute peoples and their cultures that have shaped the American West. This program presents stories, artifacts, and other important objects from different cultures of Indigenous peoples from Colorado and the surrounding areas!

Women of Colorado

Designed to reflect the diverse population of the state, this program explores the achievements and contributions women have made to Colorado history, from Mary Cawker and Millie Booth who lived in the Four Mile House in the 1800s, up to the present day!