Map & Park Access

Access & Special Needs Information


A barrier-free entrance to Four Mile Historic Park is located at the main entrance of the Grant Family Education Center. The doors are fully accessible with push-button entry. The terrain of the Park is rugged and may require heavy-duty wheelchairs or strollers for easier mobility. Due to the historic nature of the Four Mile House Museum, it is limitedly accessible – there is a single step to access the first floor of the log house, with three more steps to access the brick addition. Unfortunately, there is no elevator for access to the attic or basement. For more information or to schedule a custom tour, please call 720-865-0800.


Free parking is available to Park guests in our partially paved partially dirt/gravel parking lot located on the South side of E. Exposition Ave. Handicap accessible parking is available in front of the building. Our parking lot may fill up on special event days, but you are always welcome to pick up and drop off in our parking lot even if you need to park elsewhere. When signage permits, parking is available to our guests to parallel park along the south side of E. Exposition Ave.


Restrooms are located in the Grant Family Education Center and Gate House at Four Mile Historic Park. All of these locations are wheelchair accessible. Men’s and Women’s restrooms within the Grant Family Education Center have baby changing stations. The restrooms in the Gate House and the Bee House are gender neutral. There is also a gender neutral restroom available in the Grant Family Education Center, upon request. Please Note: restrooms are only available for guests of the Park and Four Mile members. 


A phone is located at the front desk. Please ask a staff member for assistance if you are in need of a phone.

Service Animals

Only ADA-defined service dogs are permitted at Four Mile Historic Park. All other pets and animals are prohibited in order to preserve and protect the ecosystem and resident animals of the Park.